First, I Want To Send Gratitude ...

Posted by Mia Tagano on Dec 5, 2017
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First, I want to send Gratitude to Service Space and all the selfless volunteers who keep all the projects going - Thank you all for all you do. I was contacted a few days ago via fb messenger by a daughter of an old friend. I met this young woman when she was a little girl 30 years ago - her mother and I worked together and became close friends; I was like an auntie to her and her brother. I moved out of the state and many many years have passed; still, we share a forever love though we rarely speak or see one another. Today, I was able to talk to my friend's daughter who wanted to tell me that her mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and was entering hospice. Hospice can last for years, one never knows...the thing that bothered my young friend besides of course her mother's illness and the possibility of losing her was that her mother has no positive outlets - she used to love to read for instance but can no longer hold a book for long; Still, she remains curious and wanting. SO, I spoke about ServiceSpace - Awakin calls, Karmatube and DailyGood and sent links via email - the daughter was so excited to share with her mother! I know her mother will love our offerings. Saturday, we will have a video chat (my first video chat was with ServiceSpace!) and hope to make it a weekly event. :)

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