Nanu Maa : Alipta And Aatmiya

Posted by Kishan Laddha on Nov 22, 2017
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Love in flowNanu Maa, an elderly women whose generosity reaches far and wide since years experienced by many known and unknown brothers and sisters.

Recently, she fell sick and learning about her poor health, Jayesh bhai rushed to her with few of us to ensure her well beings and needs. Witnessing the interaction, I felt it to be a sheer exchange of blessings.

She was bed ridden for few days and even after that she ensured all the visitors receive water and are seated properly. She shared how she was inspired few years back with her limited resources she offered food to two children and how universe responded to her with abundance by receiving a pension she was expected from government but had forgotten. Ever since that incident she eats only after feeding children. Many of us know how generously she offered her home to Jayeshbhai, Virenbhai and Anar ben so that after her demise it will be used for children in need in the slums of Ramapeer nu Tekro. Even currently, its been used as an Anganwadi (pre-primary school) center.

Having a heart to heart conversation with her, Jayesh bhai asked her if she has any wish or desire unfulfilled , if someone can assist her in completing any of such desire ? She responded, I believe I received all that I could and have no desire left at all.

However, she expressed one of her wish, she asked Jayesh bhai with loving authority - "you will have to come for my final cremation. I want you to perform it." Jayesh bhai shared don't you think your relatives shall perform the final rights, her response was negative, she firmly expressed no, I want you to perform it and I have asked my relatives to facilitate so when the time would come.

On that Jayesh bhai told her, what if I am away for few days in a different town and unable to come for the final rights, She wasn't ready to listen to any excuse, I felt she knew in her heart that Jayeshbhai will be there with her in her final journey yet she wanted an affirmation. Sensing it, Jayesh bhai asked in lighter note "what if I am unable to come, would your ghost come haunting for me ?" listening to that Nanu maa said firmly - "no that would not happen. Why would I come as a ghost ? There is nothing that I want from the world and that I know you would be there with me in my final journey if not physically, in your spirit. "

To us it was an experience of witnessing Nanaumaa practicing detachment (ALIPTATA) about the world yet pious affinity (AATMIYATA) for the loving ones.
Exchange of blessings

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Comments (4)

  • Trishna Shah wrote ...

    Thanks for sharing about Naanumaa Kishan, I will keep her in my thoughts too. It was a joy to meet her briefly when I was visiting in January and feel her sincere motherly love towards all the world’s children and her deep sense of gratitude for all that she had received in life.

  • Somik Raha wrote ...

    Thank you for sharing this Kishan! Deeply moved to read this. I had the privilege of meeting Nanuma along with Audrey four years back. She treated us to a grandmother's feast! From my notes back then, I find this:

    We sat in stillness for a while. When we opened our eyes, hers were still closed. After a while, she slowly drifted back in. We asked her what she had prayed for. She said, with perfect stillness, "the good of the universe."  

  • Tejas Doshi wrote ...

    This is such a beautiful sharing Kishan! I feel the warmth and my mind goes on the visualization mode as I read the exchange between her and Jayeshbhai.

  • Kishan Laddha wrote ...

    Tejas, it was an exchange of legends about simple ways of life - eternal virtues that they are living. Feel grateful we have access to them ! 

    Somik bhai, I went through the blog posted by you. The introduction in this blog (Nanubaa) is linked to yours. I felt deeply moved reading experiences you and Audrey had and felt deep gratitude that you shared.

    Trishna didi, I met her in 2009. On reading this blog, Shaheen didi (TFI CEO) also rejuvenated by inspiration of Nanubaa. 

    Its incredible that Nanubaa living in slums of Ahmedabad is inspiring individuals all across the globe. As Vinoba used to say the birds, wind and water would take the message of love and compassion across the globe.