The Circular Ripples Of Kunta's Cranberry Achaar

Posted by Jyoti on Nov 10, 2017
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Over two years ago, as part of the delicious meal served after an Awakin circle in Santa Clara, I was served a achaar/pickle that was delicious. After the silent meal, as I hung out in the kitchen, I thanked Harshida didi for the delicious homemade meal that she has been serving in her home every Wednesday for almost two decades, mentioning how much I had enjoyed the uncommon achaar. She told me Kunta had brought it as an offering. I knew Kunta as she is often in the circle, although she had already gone home that evening. I saw Kunta on another Wednesday night a few weeks later, and remembered to compliment her on the achaar. She told me how easy it was to make as long as one could get the cranberries, which have a short season around this time of the year.
As I have taken to making home-made yogurt after having that at the Santa Clara circles, I decided to also try my hand at making the cranberry achaar. I shared some of the achaar I made with one of my neighbors.

Yesterday, I was happy to find that it is cranberry season again. I brought home a bag to make the traditional Thanksgiving cranberry sauce which is the only thing I knew to make with cranberries. My neighbor called me over to join them for dinner. After dinner, as her husband took their two year old for bath-time, she brought out a bag of cranberries and said, "Can you show me how to make cranberry achaar?" I had completely forgotten about ever having made the achaar or that I had shared it with her that one time two years ago. I was pleasantly surprised that she remembered it and delighted that she reminded me of it. We worked together in the kitchen and before the baby finished his bath, we made our own version of Kunta's Cranberry achaar. I will be making another batch with the cranberries I have at home, and will find another neighbor who I can share it with. Thank you Kunta, Harshida didi, Awakin circles, conversations, sharing and cranberries. What one gives, gives back. Ripples are fun and lift all they touch.

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