From Poland To Paris, Ripples Continue On!

Posted by Jasky Sor on Nov 4, 2017
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In London and Poland, I had the great joy of being with loving stewards of the ServiceSpace ecosystem.

It just continually inspired me to practice giving. And that taught me so big life lessons.

Like in Warsaw. While waiting on the subway platform, I noticed an old woman and thought, "Let's try to practice giving".

I grabbed a Kinder from my rucksack to offer it to her. As I started to make my way towards her, though, I was flooded with a lot of doubts: "Would she find it suspicious? An Asian looking person in Poland -- will he want something back from me?" And so on. I wasn't prepared. I wasn't 100% sincere and the doubts were probably reflected on my face.

Predictably, the world woman smiled and refused. I sheepishly walked away.

One of the monks I was traveling with noted, "You know, one time I was at a conference and we wanted to gift books to others, so we asked them by saying, 'Would you allow us to give this to you?' There's something disarming about that -- inviting people to allow you to give."

He took the chocolate and went up to the woman, and just mimed a gesture of giving and invited the old woman to accept the gift. Her smile widened and she accepted it

Couple of minutes later, the kindness was returned and the old lady whipped out a bag of candy and eagerly offered it to us!

Later on, that same monk reflected, "Sometimes we only smile with our mouths, but when we smile from the heart, it reflects in our eyes."

When I returned home to Paris, I was amazed to suddenly encounter some amazing people!

In Krakow, we held an epic Karma Kitchen. That was my first Karma Kitchen experience, but even before that, I had an unsual dream about hosting a Karma Kitchen in Paris. So I met with Agnes, the owner of Crepe de la Joie restaurant. What a lovely and sweet human being! She is like a humble Bodhisattva, opening her restaurant to authentic events (like tonight she hosted poets!) We talked about Karma Kitchen and said that she will totally support me whenever I'm ready!

In London, Warsaw and Krakow, we held various Awakin Circles. So when I came back home, I looked up Caroline, who has hosted Awakin Circles in her cozy Paris apartment for the last 2 years straight! She is really a spiritual person and her generosity can be felt. We had a very deep connection and the funny thing is that she lives less than 10 minute walk from my place! The world is so small!

And this November 8th, I'm attending my first Awakin Circle in Paris. So excited!!!

By holding emptiness with grace, we find fullness of compassion. So amazing!

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Comments (3)

  • Audrey Lin wrote ...

    Jaskyyyyy! Such a gift to read this, and to learn from your incredible lens of compassion-in-action! :)

  • Sheetal Sanghvi wrote ...

    It takes a heart of grace to witness grace!!

  • khushmita Sanghvi wrote ...

    When we smile from the heart :) it reflects in our eyes and our soul :)