The ReLOVE-u-tion!
--Eva Sivill
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Oct 11, 2017

While I'm in the part of the Earth we call Spain, where people are trying to breath some stillness amid the political turmoil between the region of Catalunya and the Spanish government, I had the opportunity to participate in the ReLOVEution retreat, that took place in a small beautiful village called Villasur de Herreros, near Burgos, almost three hours away from Madrid.

Brother Joserra and many other Love magicians facilitated a space to feel, to share, to listen, to reflect, to feel inspired, to serve, to expand, to deepen, and to connect not only to yourself but to connect from heart to heart with others. Others that stopped being a separate one when after an hour of sitting in circle, could feel that common essence that we all share. I learnt about trust, about how you don't really need to love yourself to love "others", like Alan Watts says in the article of this week. Love was just there, showing up without any effort. Quieting the mind and feeling peace within is what has brought me to feel and to be Love.

I have also learnt so much about each person who I met in this retreat, from their courage, vulnerability, strength, generosity, curiosity, confidence, wisdom...

I was deeply moved by how fast we could all connect with one another, from the divine to the divine within each one of us, as Sheetal used to say. It was as I was able to feel the common humanity, the Life that all living beings share. I felt amazed by the power of the circle which created a field of energy that made me overflow with Love and kindness from the very first circle, and all the dedication and service that was offered as a gift before, during and after the retreat.

We reflected on what kind of seeds have been planted on us to be who we are now, and what kind of seeds we can plant now for the flowers of tomorrow. The space shared has definitely planted many seeds within myself that are invaluable, and has encouraged me to creatively come up with ideas to be an instrument of love and peace in the uncertain times that we are living in.

The last day, after having been in touch with the mind, through reflection about service projects, and the heart, through feeling Love and kindness, we had the opportunity to use our hands to spread what we had been cultivating. We went into the village and did some random acts of kindness from leaving messages on the cars' windshields, to do collective hugging to the baker of the town ( who was Roman's wife, a participant the retreat, and the mum of Aynara a beautiful 9 month baby that stole our hearts with her super calm and joyful presence) and to wait in front of the church for all the people to come out. Amongst many elders, a young man came out. At first, he looked at us as others, that had actually been making some noise while hanging hearts in front of the church's door, and making a path of leaves, flowers, chestnuts and messages. Some of us wanted to hug him and give him a message but he was hesitant to receive it, he didn't really understand what we were all doing there, and he actually said: " I already read at home" :) Then, Sheetal very gently approached him after a while, and then, he took the message. It was very moving to see how eventually, we all open up to Love, and give up resistance.

May we plant seeds today, for the flowers of tomorrow. May we keep connected to our true essence, to be happy, peaceful, courageous and wise. Muchas gracias!!!

Posted by Eva Sivill on Oct 11, 2017

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