Journey Of Karma Kitchen (pune) As It Unfolds

Posted by Vinit Gujarathi on Sep 30, 2017
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Inspired by the good will tribe's 48 magical hours , Hotel Palavi opened up their space for letting us host Karma Kitchen for the second time in 2 months.

Magic really happens when their is effortless dance between giving and receiving, and we experienced this magic unfold at Karma Kitchen Pune as volunteers reflected that in serving the guests, they received so much.
The restaurant space was so magically transformed that not only the guests and volunteers, but also each one of the restaurant staff also had a big smiles on their face during whole time when we were there and we wondered that the only place we have seen this happen is in Seva Cafe, one of us also wondered if this is Seva cafe in the making? :)

Second part of the giving-receiving dance came into picture when we realized that, since last 2 Karma kitchens a few guests wait after the closing hours just so that they can serve volunteers. One of the guests shared today they do it because they are so much moved by receiving the love that they want to give back a part of it.

We opened the circle with an intention to receive and serve everyone with big smile and bigger hugs. Volunteers ended up creating such a magic that one of the guests later shared, ' I had such good vibes from everyone here, the big smiles on everyone faces really made me feel that my presence is important here. I normally go in a restaurant to have a specific dish, but here there was love on the menu and it felt like I came here to receive just that '. As guests felt like they are going home taking an experience of pay-it-forward, we all felt that we are going home by growing a little more in generosity. :)
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  • Nipun Mehta wrote ...

    So wonderful to see this, Vinit! Around about the same time, Karma Kitchen was unfolding in Poland as well. It all feels connected in spirit. :)