An Incredible Story Of Friendship Keeps Young Boy's

Posted by on Sep 13, 2017
Last week's featured video on KarmaTube received 2110 views and 3 comments. "Will Manganis lost his best friend Joey at 6 years old to cardiomyopathy.  “I wish that Joey hadn’t died”, he says.  Few eight-year olds have ever uttered such words about a friend.  The two had been inseparable since they met.  “We’d have to separate them a lot at lunchtime because they wouldn’t stop talking”, Scott Middlemiss, Joey’s father, says with a laugh.   “I wanted to sell lemonade at the farmer’s market, but we couldn’t do that, so I came up with kindness rocks”, says Will.  Kindness rocks are colorful rocks painted with kind designs.  Will sells the rocks (with assistance from his mom) at fairs and events, and even has a few retail outlets that carry his product.  He has used much of the proceeds to donate to the foundation established in the name of his best friend, and also to buy “buddy benches” for local schools." ... Watch: An Incredible Story of Friendship Keeps Young Boy's Memory Alive

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