Living In Deep Time

Posted by on Sep 12, 2017
"To be a contemplative is to learn to trust deep time, learn how to rest there and not be wrapped up in chronological time." Richard Rohr discusses the contemplative life, how to transition into deep meaning as we age, the challenge of generations engaging in spiritual transformation and applying this work in his retreats for men. He likens the contemplative life to the mythic hero's journey: one not determined by chronological age, but by the ability to be mature, grounded, humble, responsive, and understanding. Dualistic thinking navigates our day-to-day lives, but Rohr believes contemplation is the kind of "software" we need to deal with the mysterious, holy things that evolve us to a higher level of consciousness, one that allows us to love our enemies, overlook offenses, and to surrender to that identity within. [Full Story]

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