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Posted by ashok shroff on Sep 6, 2017
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Yesterday, we were on a 5 hr flight home and the flight attendants asked if any doctors were on board as a lady had collapsed. My wife and I responded and luckily were able to diagnose and treat her so that she revived and told us her story- how she had not eaten and was flying to a city where she only had one friend and how her husband had deserted her! We were reflecting as to how some people had so much hardships in their lives , whereas some of us are so fortunate and get worked up about the little things in our lives

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  • Vikram Sathe wrote ...

    Yes I this morning was with a nueropsycologist for his advise on medication for my father n me. Wanted some path reports of my father witch I forgot in the morning at home. I called by daughter n she didn't pick the land-line. So I tried her cell phone which she answered. Got photos of the report but she did it with lot of resistance as she was damn tired of earlier days shoot. Was thinking while was driving to my office.... How we expect others to behave n compromise for our mistake n expect them to behave normally? Now at this age am able to keep cool. Not that am old but not that old. We always get irritated when some one else makes us do something for benefit of that some one n not adding value to us. My daughter had to make 3-4 calls me me to see that I am done.