Wood Pigeon Chopping Boards!
--Mita Shah
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Aug 22, 2017

I've recently turned my yoga classes in London into an experiment from "transaction to trust", and the feedback has been incredibly heart warming. This has got me venturing into kindness in all kinds of other arenas...

Yesterday night, around 10 pm, we decided to put some wood pigeon chopping boards with a Smile Card each, on the wall in front of our house. The little note on it said, "A gift for you…please take one, :-), thank you."

While we were outside last night, a group of youngsters stopped to have a chat with us and took some saying ‘God bless you’.

Since it's been warm, the windows of our house have been open. As a result, we've heard many surprised passers-by who have paused to check out the chopping boards. We would often peep out of the window to see their surprised smiles and hear their laughs!

Some construction men at 6am this morning were hanging around outside talking about it. Children with their mums have stopped to read the note. So far around 50 gifts have gone. I have refilled a few times ... haha.

Can’t stop feeling grateful and smiling…:-) May the smile cards spark many ripples ...

A couple of girls with big smiles just knocked our door with a large slice of Polish cake to say, 'Thank you, we are now a part of this kindness chain'. :-)

Looking forward to what tomorrow brings...

Posted by Mita Shah on Aug 22, 2017

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