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Posted by Chi Phan on Aug 13, 2017
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I was at a private retreat organised by friends over the weekend. It had been a rather overwhelming period of time for me, physically and emotionally. I arrived exhausted, admitting that I would not be able to bring my usual level of energy. The only thing possible for me was to sit back and receive. It was the first time I allowed myself to do so without guilt. Within just two hours, I started to find my energy again.

On the second day, we attended Karma Kitchen in London, which I had helped a little bit with the planning. It was special experiencing this as a diner and knowing everything about the other side. I was filled with joy seeing the volunteers having a good time serving. And of course I was deeply grateful for all that I received over the course of the evening.

The day after Karama Kitchen, and the last day of my retreat, there was no question in my mind about the importance of being able to receive from others in the unconditional way we try to give. Without receivers there can be no givers. And without receiving there's no recharge for more giving. As a fellow retreat participant said to me, by giving and receiving, you give other permission to do the same.

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