Timira, One Of Our Volunteers Was ...

Posted by Sachi Maniar on Aug 13, 2017
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Timira, one of our volunteers was asked to prepare a skit with the boys for Independence day. As a part of the process she asked the boys “what does Freedom or independence mean to them?” The most interesting responses followed. When a parrot in a cage is freed, or a rabbit, or any caged animal. When a prisoner gets out of jail. When boys get out of this Home. When a victim is freed from his kidnapper or a servant from his employer. The most brilliant response came from the youngest in the class "jab mai khush hu, tab mai azaad hu!” (When I am happy, I am free) With these ideas, they put together a small skit. As Timira, our volunteer was walking out. One of our most smiley and hard working boy walked with her, telling her that he was watching the session from outside. He said "I found my freedom in this Home. I do all the work here, I am one of the few kids who is allowed to step out, I have full freedom!" Talk about varied perspectives!

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  • Mia Tagano wrote ...


  • Gayathri Ramachandran wrote ...

    "Jab mein khush hun, tab mein azaad hun" -- very wise words

  • Virginia May-Schiros wrote ...

    Sachi, your work inspires me. I will also ask my students to also reflect on freedom and am inspired to use theater to help them act out their sharing just as you have. You are doing an amazing work of love with the children in India!