14 Quotes From The Inclusion Challenge

Posted by Chandni Sawlani on Aug 14, 2017
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KindSpring's 21 Day Inclusion Challenge, with 1000+ participants, starts on Tuesday! As people join, they share a sentence or two about their inspiration - and it's heartwarming to read them. Here are a few:

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Comments (6)

  • Guri Mehta wrote ...

    Beautiful quotes and images Chandani! Thanks for sharing.

  • Audrey Lin wrote ...

    *SO* beauuutiful, Chandni! :) What amazing inspirations -- it's incredible to think of all these different people stepping towards this challenge with that kind of intention. Thank you for sharing -- super excited for it! :)

  • Anuj Pandey wrote ...

    Man! Some solid wisdom drop :) "Love wide, deep and true!"

  • Sonia Parekh wrote ...

    so moved!

  • Tasha Vincent wrote ...

    As a person who relies on a wheelchair, my act of kindness was to ask a fellow shopper for help at the hardware store. I usually want to be as independent as possible, but I asked for help to let this young lady feel the joy of being needed. We both win!

  • Jay Chodagam wrote ...

    Awesome inspirations. We are all disabled if we cannot see others unique abilities :)