A Complaint And A Compliment To ...
--Yoo-Mi Lee
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Aug 11, 2017


A Complaint and a Compliment to ServiceSpace.

KarmaTube received this complaint a couple of days ago:

"I find the music behind your interviews and narratives to be very obtrusive. I'm sure somebody thinks it adds to the experience, but for me it's too loud and is distracting from the message."

We responded, asking if there was a particular video that was annoying, and explained a bit about KarmaTube and our curation process. Below is the reply, with a compliment to ServiceSpace. :)
"Thanks so much for your timely response! And for not being snarky about such a complaint that was not even specific... The trigger for me was Daily Good for August 8--localization for people and the earth. And just the final straw! I've given up on too many online videos & do it yourself YouTube episodes because someone thinks a loud music track is an addition to their instructions, whereas it's a distraction and sometimes obliterates the verbal message. No, I wasn't aware of your process, i'm glad to get an explanation. And kudos to you-all for the work that you do at servicespace--it's wonderful to get such inspiring and positive messages in the present day glut of trashy and discouraging what-passes-for-news. keep up the good work! We all need it! Best wishes."

Posted by Yoo-Mi Lee on Aug 11, 2017

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