Karma Kitchen Burgos! Magic!

Posted by Joserra Gonzales on Jul 25, 2017
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Another magical evening at Karma Kitchen Burgos!


10 volunteers, more than 40 meals offered, but more than that, the intangible great feeling of offering and receiving so much kindness and magic in many forms :)
The Kindness Table was full of various gifts from the community, from personalized candles, to special books, to plants with quotes or chocolates! The invisible previous labor of love from volunteers filled the space with beauty and good intentions! Few people said they couldn't believe how much care they saw in every detail, and yet, not to be asked for anything! It was a very powerful experience for them! Now they want to come and volunteer, and who knows where that goes! :)

Few kids came to have dinner with us, and some of them ended up washing dishes at the end! The parents were astonished...They were like: “we have been trying this for years, and here it just happened” :). We ended up hugging them in one of our group hugs! :) And of course we gave them heart pins! :) They were very happy about it! For sure, one of those experiences that stays in the bones. One of the kids told me in petit committee: “I would love to stay here all night!” :) I think he is 7... :) Such a radar for good feelings they have!

All the volunteers were just incredible, from the super equanimous and gracious kitchen team (Lidia, Celia, Ari, Raúl, Ilaria, and Jesús) to the amazingly kind waiters team (María-s, and Gadea) and the extra volunteers who stayed after dinner to clean with us :). Some of them like Biagio and Cristina have to travel tomorrow, but they stayed till late with us to clean everything! Borja is such an incredible host, full of patience and trust! He gives us the keys of the place and just makes us feel so much at home and at ease... so generous! Thank you! With these roots, we can only expect Karma Kitchen Burgos to keep thriving and creating more beautiful ripples of love :)

In Karma Kitchen one can develop many things, but developing the eye to see the beauty of small and subtle changes is one of them. I could see so many smiles, so many micro moments that change the matrix of our interconnections, of our inner reality. As usual, we ended up dancing, hugging and sharing good thoughts for each other! It was beautiful!

Thank you all for co-creating such magical evening!!! May the magic spread!

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Comments (3)

  • Gayathri Ramachandran wrote ...

    Thank you for sharing this! Sympathetic joy ripple :D

  • Khushmita Sanghvi wrote ...

    Yay! Love the awesome spirit of service and the beaming smiles in Burgos :)

  • Sima Sanghvi wrote ...

    Thank you for sharing all of these small, beautiful moments from KK Burgos, Joserra! :)