2010: State Of The Hive :)

Posted by Trishna Shah on Aug 16, 2010
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Our latest Tweets says a lot: "Individual ants don't possess the intelligence that is in the hive."  Sometimes it helps to step back and look at the hive.

Last time we posted McDonalds Numbers was 2008, so here is the 2010 version:

project reach quantifiables trends
CharityFocus.org 325.4K total subscribers, 261.1K active, 78.2K members in 193 (of 195!)  countries, 15.6K volunteers in 169 countries; 17K Twitter  followers! Home to 19 portals that attract 6.5M unique visitors annually; about 55 million email newsletters sent every year, all w/out ads. Technology is about 18M lines of in-house code. Massively  distributed, CF is becoming an incubator of gift-economy projects; many-to-many connections are growing; quickly growing social media reach.
HelpOthers.org 77.4K weekly subscribers, 8.1K daily subscribers, 12.1K Smile Group members in 146 countries, cards have reached 141 countries! 1.1 million cards printed to date, 48.9K orders processed via 23 shippers, 17.9K kindness stories, 59.1K comments, 12 winners $100 contest, 300K page views/month. Stories go viral; cards have grown to Smile Decks (6.5K decks with 54 cards/deck already printed). Smile Store, with Karma Bucks, expanding.
DailyGood.org 108.9K DG subscribers, sent daily email for more than 12 years! DG gets about 583K page views/month; ; 7.7K comments and 18.6K forwards.  New website/logo  launched in 2009. More than dozen editors contributed in 2009; looking to gift one DG/month to established content producers.
iJourney.org (also Wednesdays) 65.7K  subscribers; inspires local "Wednesdays" that draws thousands to offline events. Over a million page views/year; audio downloads crossed 100K in mid 2010.  Wednesdays have occured in over 24 cities. Wednesday location continues to grow; iJourney readings broaden with increase in editors.

CFSites.org, PledgePage.org

7.3K NGO sites on CFSites, 7.7K on PledgePage. CFSites have generated 8.9M site visits.  On PP, $6.8M+ raised by users, via 57.5M visitors. Upgraded CFSites, building  many-to-many connections.  May phase out PP technology. 

And strong ties with:
MAM Movies

32.9K subscribers; in India, 101-NGOs, 101-hours, & 101-filmmakers  contest by MAM in 4 cities 582 featured videos, each with 3 "be the change" actions;  205K votes on videos, 1496 comments, 60.9K forwards. Viral videos;  public events; noteworthy Hollywood folks reaching out, as we build "director channels"; SmoothFeather about to release a feature film.
ProPoor.org 26.5K subscribers (and one hacker :)), 14.4K South Asian NGOs listed 10.4K email queries, 2.9K  announcements,  12.7K comments, 3.3K news items Providing a very valuable service for a niche, IT challenged  populace.  


28.2K subscribers, 1.7K print subscribers, art shows like Local Treasures 240 online stories, 518 comments. Building search capacities, broadening content, including more audio/video.
Karma Kitchen In Berkeley for couple years, oeprating in DC for 1.5 years, and just started in Chicago in June 2010. More than 10K  hours of offline volunteerism generated, hosting more than 1200 people every month for a food/generosity experience. More location coming; unsolicited press &  celebrity endorsements; tons of ripples from Karma Tiffin to Karma Auction.

And strong ties with:
Manav Sadhna, Gramshree

Network of leaders who reach tens of thousands of people through their organizations. Circle of Ekatva, Gift Economy rickshaw, Wisdom Crafts, and Lok Mitra (generosity entrepreneurs). Currently rooted in India, but soon to rotate.

Public speaking, Local Events

Dozens of speaking invites every year, in front of over 10K people each year.  London, DC, Chicago, Berkeley, New York, Pune, Ahmedabad all have regular local events. Over dozen coordinators have given talks to represent a CF project.  And they're increasingly in  demand. :) Expanding into gift-economy consulting :) as many organizations looking to learn from CF.  Many local chapters sprouting up.

Other Projects: InspiringMessages,
Karma Clinic,
CF Book, ...

IM shares inspiring banners, KC does gifted health care in Berkeley; GM is about environmental art; BFJ is micro philathropy; and the CF book. :) KC has seen over 900 patients; GM produces an annual calendar with 4000+ copies available at Barnes, etc.; BFJ will give out $5K this year. Lots of projects waiting to be part of the CF ecosystem; building Service Space, to support more projects with technology needs.

That's a lot of activity. :)  And yet, those are just the numbers -- so much incredible magic happens underneath those digits. 

In many ways, numeric data is a bit antithetical to the unquantifiable work of inner transformation; and yet, like any tool, it can be used in constructive ways -- coordinators of all teams look at usage trends everyday and broader data sets help them frame a large context.  Of course, while numbers help in managing established projects, strength of an ecosystem lies in its capacity to support projects at its edges -- and we continue to see streams of those positively deviant patterns in the CF ecology.

Onwards and offwards! :)

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