Still Moved By Generosity Of Unknown

Posted by Ritesh Gohil on Jul 14, 2017
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Still Moved by generosity of unknown

How can a friend be unknown? here friend becomes unknown, he/she or may be a group of friends paid for the educational field trip which happened in 2010, during my master's studies in the University.

It was the second semester, mass media studies. A field trip to gain a better understanding of the rural setup was organised. I along with another friend, was excited but little worried. after few days of research and planning, a place was selected, commutation was planned and the stay was arranged, till here everything was exciting and fancy and interesting. Last part, calculation of expense per person was left, that was a little decisive factor of our participation in the trip. Finally, that also done, and which had created big question mark for our participation. From next day onwards students started paying.

Now for me and my other friend situation was getting awkward. We avoided asking for fees at home, reactions, and the response we knew very well. A week or so passed. We said we cannot come as we couldn't arrange fees for the trip.

Discussions and planning of trip were the sorts of everyday agenda in and of the class, we were there but precluded. We One fine morning a just couple of days before the field trip, we were informed that our fees have been paid and we have to get ready for the 10 days field trip...

I had no words, still, don't have; to say thank you to unknown friend/friends/ teacher/ or whoever had paid for us. That was a trip of generosity, empathy, and love, which allowed me to be generous and kind with the people mostly tribal whom I met and connect during that field trip. The trip made me realise the power of generosity to change the whole thinking process. I wish I can find out that unknown friend, just to thank for the journey which has begun after that trip....

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Comments (2)

  • Swara Pandya wrote ...

    Wow, Ritesh! Thank you for sharing. What a wonderful gesture by your friends and/or teachers :)  

  • Trupti Pandya wrote ...

    Thank you for reminding me the power of generosity :)