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Posted by Eva Sivill on Jul 8, 2017
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"I want to sit by myself," said 3-year-old Serriah at the summer camp of the Forest School this week.

All the students were sitting at the table together for lunch, and Serriah had walked over to a lone table, away from everyone.

I thought for a minute, and then I went over to her and said, "That's okay if you want to sit by yourself. But there are some reasons why we like for everyone to sit together -- so I'm just going to share them with you if that's okay.

"The first reason is to share stories about our life. When everyone comes together to eat lunch with each other, we get to share stories with each other and learn about one another and the world around us. Adults call that having a conversation.

"The second reason is that it's easier to talk with each other, especially when a teacher is doing storytelling. If we are sitting in different places, it is hard to call out in one direction and then call out again in another direction. It makes it easier for the teacher to share the story in one direction so you all can hear the story at the same time.

"The third reason is that we, the teachers, invite you to sit together because our love gets bigger! When all teachers and children come and sit together, then our love grows bigger and bigger -- and it spreads to the people walking and running in the Forest. The bikers feel it, the other children feel it, the animals feel it, and then all our love spreads out into the world!"

Serriah's eyes widen, and she instantly said, "I want to spread love!" :)

Then she hopped off the table, took my hand, and we walked back together with the group.

It's amazing how, even at three years old, the impulse to give love comes so naturally.

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Comments (6)

  • Sheetal Sanghvi wrote ...

    "I too want to spread love!"

  • Trishna Shah wrote ...

    LOVE this story Eva and LOVE how you explained to her why being together helps love grow. Would love to share this story with the Kindful Kids community :)

  • Bradley Stoll wrote ...

    Let's all spread love! I love this story, Eva...you are a teacher of such beautiful and important lessons­čĺť

  • Nandini Iyer wrote ...

    Love this story! This story and its love was lovingly shared at Awakin Santa Clara yesterday. Inspiring!

  • Meghna Banker wrote ...

    +1 to Trishna and everyone on this thread. Loved the little way you held this little heart and brought her along together! Such a sweet reminder of childhood and innocence :))

  • Harpreet wrote ...

    Meeeeeee 222222