A Drink At Jamba Juice
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Jul 6, 2017


[Below is the story I shared in the Awakin Circle yesterday. Thank you, Anuj, for making it possible to share here.]

For the summer, I'm working at Jamba Juice. Last week, one of the customers came in and said the usual, "Hey, I'd like to order a drink." Except that he showed me his card, and he was a war veteran.

I pulled my manager aside and I was like, "Can we just gift him his drink?" He said, "Yes, sure." So, I went up to the war veteran, and I said, "Sir, we'd like give you your drink for free."

And immediately this man started to cry. I wasn't sure what to say, but then I was like, "Why are you crying?" He goes, "Well, because no one has ever shown me this kind of love and kindness."

"What?" I thought to myself. It was really astonishing.

Giving a small drink for free may not seem that big of a deal. It didn't seem that big of a deal to me, but what I learned was that to him it was a big deal for him. He told me that it made his day and it made his week.

Whenever he comes back to the store, he always gives a big hug to someone on staff. He's like, "Thank you, thank you," every single time. That one little drink is with him every single day. He never fails to tell me everytime, "Thank you for giving me that drink."


Posted by Shyama on Jul 6, 2017

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