Abundance From An NVC Perspective

Posted by Pranidhi Varshney on Jun 9, 2017
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Couple weeks back, one of our Spring Laddership Circle fellows, Cleona, shared this thoughtful insight on abundance:
The NVC (nonviolent communication) viewpoint of abundance is very inspiring and liberating. I heard NVC trainer Francois Beausoleil (in his audio course with Jeff Brown on “Integrating NVC and Abundance Consciousness”) state that “abundance is having the experience or carrying in a somehow integrated, consistent way the awareness of having access to power. Power here is the ability to mobilise resources to meet needs. Being in a state of abundance, the way we see it, might not change the conditions of our life but will have a profound affect on how we interact with the world. We also see abundance as a viewpoint and you have a certain degree of choice in embodying this viewpoint; we also believe that embodying this viewpoint even without outer changes will considerably increase our sense of well-being as well as increasing chances of needs being met through our presence and actions in the world”.

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