Karma Kitchen Launches In Hyderabad!

Posted by Sheetal Sanghvi on May 17, 2017
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Hyderabad just held it's pilot Karma Kitchen last weekend. Stories are coming soon, but couldn't resist sharing some of the photos.

First off, the volunteers:

It was on May 14th at Sage Organic Cafe.  As this flyer read, "Ever wondered how to deepen engagement in the community?  Come dine with us for a pay-it-forward experience and learn how we have tried to address that question."  On the right, of course, is the Rs. 0 bill that we're all familiar with.

Before starting, of course, there was lots of prep, including an artful menu on the blackboard: 

Not Karma Kitchen is complete with ample veggie chopping:

Held together by some kitchen geniuses (and yes, that's Meera Aunty from our inclusion retreat).  Suchi also mentioned that "We are lucky that Bomi is a trained and experienced chef, hence all the classy food designs." :)

Ambika wrote, "The event at the new venue was just fabulous. The perfect kitchen space, the perfect seating arrangements, the soulful food, generous hearts who dined with us  - It was just meant to be." The restaurant owner barely knew anyone, and yet she open-heartedly let everyone use and reconfigure everything. Here's the space:

And, with a full out drum roll, the gorgeous final product served with dollops of love:

Of course, can't forget the ice-cream (on a leaf!) with a side of swwwwwweet mangoes:

The happy diners:

And before everyone leaves, the Smile table:

The next Karma Kitchen date is already set.  In her thank-you email, Ambika enthusiastically shared, "I think it's time to let Karma Kitchen all over the world know that we are here to stay.  June 18th at SAGE cafe.  Open to all."

Go KK Hyderabad!   

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  • Aryae Coopersmith wrote ...

    Wow -- awesome! :)

  • Yoo-Mi Lee wrote ...

    Oh wow! Heart-opening to see these pictures and happy faces.

  • Anup Bagla wrote ...

    Way to go ! Missed it because of some preoccupations; there's always a next time ...

  • Patricia-C Prada Jimenez wrote ...