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Posted by Sachi Maniar on May 12, 2017
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As we broke the fast in the Juvenile home, I was amazed at how the boundaries of religion only exist in our mind. In the four walls of the home, I witnessed 3 Muslim boys insist everyone - rest of the Hindu boys and us to break the fast with them. And 3 of them cut the fruits for all of us! While many would have witnessed violence in such places, time and again I am amazed by the brotherhood and friendships one develops in the home. In the morning, I had heard one of the boys say how they have been breaking the fast with the morning's meal every day. Today they got fruits. And I was touched by how selflessly they wanted to offer the fruits to us. They could have easily saved it for eating at night or for the next day as there is no guarantee they would get fruits again! But they insisted that we wait and be part of Iftar.  It's a blessing to witness kindness and love in this form!

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