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Posted by Kishan Laddha on Apr 19, 2017
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Inside you there's an artist you don't know about... Rumi

Who would know it better than Dhani baa (90+ years), who worked at Baal Mandir (children temple) founded by Madam Montessori at Gandhi Ashram, under the same roof studied rather played Jayesh bhai and Ajeet Dada (75+ years) both trustees of Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram.

Right adjacent to heArt center at Gandhi Ashram, foundation of Jai Jagat aka Love Jagat ampthi-theater was laid by children of Ashram Shala School and children of  construction workers with blessings and love of every individual with noble intentions present (visibly or invisibly).  Dhani baa's boundless joy was surpassing all the boundaries and touching every heArt. 

The heArt doesn't have a boundary and the picture below depicts, one can't define how heart is made up also :) If put in order it can be made of even chappals/shoes/sandals or even humans :)

When you want to capture every moment and you get captured ! Anish bhai, another student of Baal Mandir capturing the pious moment...

Children pouring their heart, least bothered about history or even future in making, just with their being bringing hope while nurturing heArts !

Love Jagat - our mantra is to Love Jagat, our Jayesh bhai draws in heArt, says its not an amphitheater but to empty theater, a space where we empty our heart and become one with love for the universal goodness.

Who knows when you would visit Gandhi Ashram next time, you would be emptying your heArt along with Empty Hands at Love Jagat ampthi (empty:) theater !!!

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