Spiritual In-best-ment :)
--Joserra Gonzales
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Mar 28, 2017


“When you invest in spiritual capital you are re-paid in coin-cidences” by Brother Miki

Just 2 days in Spain after my trip to India, life offers some beautiful gifts.

Yesterday we had a wonderful Awakin Circle in Madrid. More than 20 of us gathered in the simple yet powerful spirit of collective inquiry and co-creation, listening and community.

Yesterday I felt clearly the depth and power of such timeless design & the service intention behind it... For many reasons, I felt gratitude. I felt gratitude for the elders of hundreds of cultures that have held such circles over history, I felt gratitude for our living elders who brought these circles to life, and left the door open, I felt gratitude for the friends at the amazing home La Sala Verde, who open their space for so many beautiful activities in Madrid, I felt gratitude for all the people in the circle, holding together noble intentions...

The implications of non-transactional non-commercial community circles travel far and wide. Just yesterday I learned that a friend who has been struggling with alcohol is now a usual participant at the Awakin Circle in Burgos... Our friend and volunteer Arianna was mentioning how happy he is feeling for having such a space, and how this is changing his perspective about life into a more positive one, circle after circle.

Before yesterday's circle in Madrid, I got a set of emails from our beloved Moved By Love ecosystem in India. Rehka, the translator of the awakin readings to Hindi shared with the group of global translators that she was not able to translate the reading this week. This is the first such message I get from her ever... She has been a steady source of volunteer service who benefits hundreds or even thousands around India. In many circles around the country, both Hindi and English are read and this is possible because of her translations. After she sent that email, another volunteer stepped up and took responsibility for this week´s translation, and after that, a tender-storm of gratitude in the form of emails felt upon Rehka and other translators for their continuous service. I felt urged to send a note too, and so I did, mentioning that I was back in Spain.

Few minutes after I get an email from Rehka herself saying that she was in Madrid as well!!

I invited her to the upcoming awakin circle, and she ended up coming less than 24 hours after we exchanged our first email ever... :)

In the circle she expressed how grateful she felt for such a coincidence, and many of us as well, for the opportunity of having such steady contributor and unknown friend :). We also got to learn little bit about how she connected to the circles through Ekatva few years ago, and how her translation efforts go back to 2012. Her amazing spirit shined through a story from the times when she first met Ekatva. After watching the performance of those 16 slum kids, the only thing her daughter wanted to do was to go to Ahmedabad and serve in the slums. At that time her daughter was only 16 (what a coin-cidence :) ) so she couldn't travel from US to India alone. Witnessing her daughter's calling and the com-passion she was radiating, Rehka decided to take a month off and travel to India with her so she could fulfill her dream!

The room was lighted up by the collective and that coincidence was the last drop in an overflowing glass of beauty. As one of the participants shared: “It's amazing to think about all the coincidences that had to happen to bring all of us together in this circle”.

What a wonderful coin-cidence we all got paid with!


Posted by Joserra Gonzales on Mar 28, 2017

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