Dogs, Kindergarten, Taiwan, 50 Pounds

Posted by Dinesh Mehta on Mar 16, 2017
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Few tidbits heard in the after hours at Awakin Santa Clara ...

Donna's book on inner life of pets -- and on that note, an adorable dog giving hugs to strangers in NY. March 14th was Pi Day -- why PI Matters: "Beauty of pi is that it puts infinity within reach." Like Laurel, a local Kindergarten teacher who had alumni reunions for the community of toddlers! Kanchan's work with Spiral Gardens and food security in Oakland. Is this right -- Economist article on aliens? :) What about a robot that can fold your laundry in 3 minutes? Cynthia remembered Nipun and Guri's wedding vows -- and a talk in Taiwan on "loose, deep and noble ties". Audrey was reflecting on systems thinking, while Thu shared the journey of going from Wifi-whiz to returning to Vietnam, losing 50 pounds and changing her life. And some inspiring stories from across the ServiceSpace ecosystem.

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