Kindful Kids Celebration Of Gratitude--reflections

Posted by Brinda Govindan on Mar 12, 2017
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A picture-perfect Spring day. Warm sunshine, shade trees, the sounds of children's laughter and play. All the most wonderful backdrop for our Kindful Kids event at a local park.  Our opening circle was led by Kinjal who asked the children to think about someone for whom they are grateful and why. 

After the minute of silent meditation, there were many activities for both kids and parents: Kozo's lovely gift of teaching us how to make origami peace cranes, hand-crafted gratitude cards made by the kids to give out in person, a "pay it forward" style free lemonade stand, manned by the dynamic Atman, Jett and Fox....who handed out smile cards with the homemade lemonade and asked patrons to "Draw a smile and write what you are grateful for" on a poster board, sidewalk chalking smiles and positive messages along the walkway, planting flower seeds in small pots, and blowing bubbles during the final closing circle.

When asked what they enjoyed most about the day, they responded with joy: "seeing the Holi party kids show up at our lemonade stand", "making cards", "making the origami crane because it was a challenge but I tried", "planting seeds", "playing", "drinking the lemonade" (they showed great restraint in not doing so until almost all was given away!!) and "right now blowing bubbles".

We were all so much in the moment that we forgot to take photos, but hopefully someone may have taken some! Parents enjoyed making a "gratitude list" that they put in self-addressed envelopes and these will be mailed back to them when they least expect it---a surprise note to remind them of all they felt thankful for on this beautiful day. Hope more seeds have been planted for future Kindful Kids adventures :-)
Feeling so grateful and happy to have spent the afternoon in the company of such positive energy!

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Comments (3)

  • Trishna Shah wrote ...

    Awe so lovely to hear about this day, thank you Brinda and Kinjal for holding space for Bay Area families to come together in the spirit of service! Can't wait to see some photos if anyone else took some on their phones! Looking forward to seeing how this journey of Local Kindful Kids events continues to unfold.

  • Nisha Srinivasan wrote ...

    Sounds lovely Brinda!

  • Suchitra Shenoy wrote ...

    I really like the idea of posting gratitude lists (that they have written) to parents.

    Hopefully it will reach them on a day where they are exhausted, or irritated, or in all-kinds-of-moods that parents get into. And then, the letter arrives with its familiar hand-writing; an unexpected reminder... :)