Three Peace Fleece Stories
--Nipun Mehta
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Jun 23, 2009


The Peace Fleece story of a couple of Maine manifesting goodness through a 24 year-old wool company in their backyard barn, is super inspiring. Perhaps due to their son's unflinching commitment to the gift economy, in May of last year, they decided step it up through a little Smile Card experiment.  Every week, a randomly selected customer would get a note saying that their order was paid for -- just like that, a no strings attached gift.

This morning, Pete sends in a couple of the recent responses that have their crew beaming with smiles:

Dear Peace Fleece--

Thank you so much for "Tagging" me--how did you know I needed a "lift" just now? ("...There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio...")

I have joined the "SMILE" group and sent on a donation hoping that others will get this much needed "ray of sunshine."

The yarn color is gorgeous and I will make my petite 89-year-old Mom, who has had to be moved to a nursing home recently, a vest made with both your and my good wishes.  She is very downhearted right now, and I KNOW she will be pleased to hear the full story when I give ("ta-da!!") her present to her.  Merci beaucoup mes amis -- what a terrific idea -- will forward on this group info to my knitting friends ...

Sincerely and with heartfelt thanks,


Dear Peace Fleece,

What a lovely surprise to be tagged!  Thank you for your generous spirit, for a wonderful gesture and for that necessary work that you do.  I am a forever fan.

Very Sincerely,



I came home late after a day full of worries and found the package from Peace Fleece by the mailbox. That in itself was enough to bring a smile. Then I opened it and saw the lovely yarn. Looking for the sweater pattern, I found the smile card. I was stunned. Then I conjured up the image of a bunch of really fun and real people, sitting around at Tuesday meeting and picking my name out of a hat, or a box, or somehow off a computer--but my name. For a free gift--not of just something to make me buy more somethings, but of what I truly wanted and planned to pay for (even though the credit card balance was just an eency bit low). Not for anybody's profit, but just for joy.


The sweater I make for my daughter will be especially precious, having this little miracle inside it.

Thank you!

 Go Pete, Marty and the Peace Fleece crew in Maine!


Posted by Nipun Mehta on Jun 23, 2009

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