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Posted by Sujatha Babu on Jan 28, 2017
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When our shippers look at an order in their queue (smile cards or deck or even bulk order), they are not just looking at the name and address, stuffing the envelopes and posting it. They also read the reason why the person has requested for the cards, and resonate with it. This sometimes leads to interesting emails from our shippers to the shipping team. For example, here is one sent by our long-time shipper "Namaste" for one of the orders he received from a school. "Good afternoon! I'll send her 10 as requested, but it might be nice to send more in bulk and their school could bask in kindness!!" That is such a heartfelt suggestion that truly goes beyond just fulfilling an order!!!!! And, of course, we have shippers who add inspiring messages, doodles and stickers to the envelopes to ensure that the smile on the receiver's face is wider than normal :) Thank you, shippers for being such an inspiration to not only us, but to everyone you touch through each smile card you ship. With a deep bow of gratitude ....

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