1st Awakin Circle, Harrow (London)

Posted by Mita Shah on Jan 19, 2017
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'Ode to Father Nipun'

Father! Why Father?
Yes! Father Christmas Santa Nipun!
But your gifts radiate all year long :-)
Felt like Christmas day yesterday,
Our first Awakin Circle in Harrow.
What a truly memorable opening night.
Preparations flowed with much joy and ease,
With your blessings Nipun & Santa's helpers
Trishna and Ani bringing their love & guidance.
27 dear friends gathered just to BE,
No agendas, no expectations,
Just deep silence, listening, reflection and sharing.
Your ripples of kindness and presence held us together,
Embraced in a sacred circle of love and fullness,
May everyday be a celebration for all,
A Whole-Being experience sparkling with miracles.
With overflowing gratitude, Thank you Nipun.


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  • Trishna Shah wrote ...

    Mita, so grateful to have been a part of the opening Awakin Circle at your home last night, making it 3 Awakin Circle locations in London now! What a beautiful gift to the community to open up your heart and home to come together in stillness and reflection. It was a deeply inspiring opening circle that held each reflection with trust and authenticity. Thank you to Sanjay, Tasvi and yourself for welcoming the community into your home every month going forward and for sharing your space with so much love.