A Young Woman Staying At All ...

Posted by Colleen Choi on Jan 3, 2017
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A young woman staying at All Nations Camp came to Sacred Stone to visit. She told Cheryl Angel, a Lakota elder, that they call her and her group "Akicita". Cheryl asked "Do you know what that means?" The young woman said "I was told it means warrior." Cheryl said: "Akitica is a person who is so internally pure, so good and clean (running her hands from the top of her head down the center), that everyone around them naturally shifts. They have no negative thoughts, only of love and kindness. People who come into contact with the Akitica want to be them, they want that purity and goodness... Eventually tribes sent the Akitica out to battle, but to say that it means 'warrior' is diluting the meaning." Now that is a word to rise to!

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