'I Have Enough': Song By Rev. Heng Sure

Posted by Nipun Mehta on Apr 27, 2009
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Returning from Santa Fe last weekend, I took an airport shuttle and found myself in a space of a gratitude.  As I tipped the driver a twenty dollar bill and asked him to pay-it-forward, this wonderful song by Rev. Heng Sure came to mind: 

I have enough,
I am grateful,
Share the blessings,

May all be fed,
May all things flourish,
May all awaken!
Bodhi Svaha!

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Notes: Written by Rev. Heng Sure for the founders of VegSource.com, Jeff and Sabrina Nelson, and inspired by the author and visionary John Robbins, in his prayer: “May all be fed, may all be healed, may all be loved.” Hallelujah means “Praise!” in Hebrew; “Bodhi Svaha!” means “Awakened -- How Wonderful!” in Sanskrit.

If you do an act of kindness and share the story, you can download the whole album online as a gift.

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Comments (3)

  • Dhara wrote ...

    Everytime I listen to this song I feel very happy and the message in the song touches my soul.

  • karthik wrote ...

    ah ... so peaceful and enriching

  • Bob Donjacour wrote ...

    I met Heng Sure and he taught me this song. I sang it over an over on a bike ride from City of 10,000 Buddhas to Abhayagiri Monastery. I love it.