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Posted by Patjos on Dec 6, 2016
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I know just how much you are all interested in extending Kindness to our wonderful Mother Earth, so I thought I’d share some great news with you which I was reminded of during a conversation with a Kindspring member.

In the UK, along with Surfers against Sewage have been leading a campaign to stop plastic from ending up on our beaches, and just last week they achieved a great result with many of our major Supermarkets agreeing to change from selling cotton buds with plastic sticks to selling only ones with paper sticks by the end of 2017. Up until the beginning of the month, only of these major retailers had planned to #switchthestick, (the campaigns hashtag), but through letter writing and a petition on 38Degrees, they have managed to convince a further 6 to come on board. This still leaves Lidl and Superdrug, who may well be considering making the change as well. Ok, cotton bud sticks may be small and there are surely many more items of plastic still to tackle, but it’s really helped put plastic pollution back in the spotlight.
If you’re in the UK and would like to get involved, you can sign the petition at or get involved in some of the other great projects at take part in an organised beach clean with Surfers against Sewage or even start your own 2-minute beach clean with help from who aren’t active only in the UK, but in Ireland, Israel and Puerto Rico too. These 2 minute beach clean boards are a fabulous idea!

Of course, this is only a very small part of the many initiatives taking place around the world to heal our oceans, but I thought it worth sharing and it’s so wonderful to see the power of Loving-kindness at work.

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