Posted by Sonya Shah on Oct 31, 2016
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4 Things We Can Do to Heal and End Sexual Violence | Huffington Post

My top “locker room” incidents of 2016 Eleven months ago I received a piece of hate mail at my work address: it was an old smelly sweatshirt with t...

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  • Sonya Shah wrote ...

    Beautiful service space people, I just posted this article on huffington post given all of the media dialog on sexual assault these days. Thanks for listening!

  • Micky O'Toole wrote ...

    Sonya this was really tough for me to read but such an important and well-written piece that I plan to share it everywhere. I've had the courage to share my story on my blog (which has about 2 readers, one my mother), with friends, and here on ServiceSpace. What you wrote about shame and about being believed is so true. I did once share part of my story on a comment to piece about date rape (on Huff Post actually) and one of the reply comments sounded like it came from the editors "We don't believe you. You didn't report it." something like that. I remember I was shaking when I posted it and so completely devastated by this response that I never tried it again until I found this safe space. Last year after hearing Gitanjali Bbbar speak about GB Road on the Awakin call, I shared a little on "Song for the Little One." Your work is vital. Thank you for not just your work but the powerful way you present both this vital issue which needs light on it, and your own story in this article. ♥.