Our Fall 2016 Laddership Circle!

Posted by Audrey Lin on Oct 17, 2016
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As we draw near two years of Laddership Circles, we're thrilled to dive into our ninth circle with a shining crew of 10 dedicated fellows (some who will be dialing in at wee hours of morning!) and 4 labor-of-love volunteers! Here's a snapshot of our spirited crew...

Greg Acuna has lived in a variety of countries and engaged in a range of endeavors from media projects to IT undertakings and beyond. Currently based in India, Greg recently launched an Acting Kindly card game as part of his educational virtual world, Planet Earthlings, which empowers young people to change the real world.

Giang Dang is a community organizer based in Hanoi, Vietnam, where she started Action for the City. Engaging citizens in small scale, local actions, she’s weaving a tapestry of efforts to minimize consumption, promote organic urban agriculture, and cultivate a thriving environmentally sustainable society.

Maki Kawamura believes there is a spark in everything. A mother, global peace leader, and former doctor, she embodies what it means to live reverently. Based in Japan, along with her family, her life is dedicated to activating the human spirit towards a world of peace.

Sidni Lamb is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she’s fueling Mindful New Mexico, a hub dedicated towards unleashing the application of mindfulness across businesses, organizations, schools, and communities at-large. Over the last 4 decades, she’s also served with humanitarian organizations, the United Nations, as well as in international journalism.

Angela Montano left her career as a television news reporter to respond to an inner calling – one that led her to Rethink Prayer. With faith in the power of kindness, she notes, “in acts of generosity, our fear is dimensioned”. her mission is to inspire a new conversation about prayer, and teach ancient and new prayer technologies.

Sabin Muresan dedicates his life to supporting others in finding and activating their resources for inner peace and balance. A community leader based in Romania, he’s developing a rural integral life center (and building it by hand!) to foster practices of permaculture, experiential education and nonviolence. He’s actively experimented with gift economy models for many years, and in his spare time, serves as president of the Romanian Scout Association.

Judy Pando is a minister based in Ventura, California, where she specializes in pastoral care. For her, radical generosity “comes about in small and large ways. I witness small acts of kindness, a smile for a clerk at the grocery store, a gratitude for doing your job so well.” She’s passionate about writing a family history as well as designing courses on Science of Mind Philosophy.

Chandni Sawlani is fueled by a desire to contribute to the world from a space of interconnection. Three years ago, she and a friend started The Goodwill Tribe, an initiative that inspires kindness and human connection. Based in Dubai, she’s a nurturer of wholesome community events, and being of service in daily life.

Philippe Simonin had a dream to share dreams. Driven by a faith in creating a collaborative community where people support and help each other actualize their dreams. Originally from France, he now finds himself in the Bay Area, California, armed with a camera and an open heart, as he dreams with people on the streets of San Francisco.

Eva Sivill is an educator hailing from Spain, who currently resides at the Casa de Paz (“House of Peace”) community in Oakland, California. She’s passionate about creating a forest school and outdoor space to facilitate early childhood development, as well as deepening in gift ecology. 

And our labor-of-love volunteers include...

Melissa, who was a fellow in last year's Fall Laddership Circle. When she’s not creating a “Wheel of Kindness,” organizing a Be The Change Week, or running a Service Innovation class with her middle school students, you can find her spreading smiles with her family and pouring creativity into children’s books and a one-woman show. :)

Pavi is walking grace. :) A soul-stirring poet, gifted artist, award-winning author and filmmaker of (literal and metaphorical) infinite vision, she's a longtime ServiceSpace volunteer who walks her talk with a poignant elegance that stills all who cross her path. Recently, when her husband was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, they reflected on the Privilege of Living Whatever Life Brings.

Birju, another longtime volunteer, is passionate about transforming finance and business, and growing in his own personal practices and in acts of kindness -- like paying forward a surprise first class flight upgrade to a stranger or gifting lemonade in NYC's Central Park. :)    

We're excited for this evolution of Laddership, and look forward to seeing what emergence holds in store!

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Comments (7)

  • Micky O'Toole wrote ...

    I spent a little time just now visiting all your sites. Just ...wow. Congrats to all. Thank you Audrey, Melissa, Pavi and Birju for your service. I will never forget my laddership time and will always be grateful for it.. ♥

  • Greg Acuna wrote ...

    Super excited to be part of the Laddership Circle. Have read the short posts and will look at ll the links in the next few days. Is there a place to see profiles and links for the volunteers??? Can hardly wait for it to start!

  • Krishan wrote ...

    Excited to hear what emerges!

  • Krishan wrote ...

    Excited to hear what emerges!

  • Philippe wrote ...

    Thanks so much Audrey :) I am so looking forward to it!

  • Giang Dang wrote ...

    Dear friends, this is so wonderful. I am so grateful for being part of the circle. Sending you all love from Hoi An, Vietnam

  • Monica Dabos wrote ...

    Yeah!!! The Family Expands :)