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Posted by Guri Mehta on Sep 24, 2016
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We often receive touching notes from the KindSpring community, but this one especially made me tear up and pause. Although she is pretty new, (thanks to Mish) we were moved to highlight her as a "Community Member of the Week." After she realized we'd honored her in this way, she wrote this note:

"I wanted to thank KindSpring for the honor of being a Community Member of the week! I was very surprised and humbled as there are so many deserving members! My son directed me to this site after he joined. He was so big on passing out smile cards, in fact, he still had some in his wallet!! I hope you don't mind if I share it (Community Member of the Week) with him... he was so big on PIF and did so many, every day if possible. Thank you again. Brought tears to my eyes with all the kind thoughts and karma bucks. :)" --Painiacs

Sadly, her son passed away last month. He introduced her to KindSpring and she joined in June. After his passing, she has decided to step it up even more and often shares little acts of kindness that she does anonymously on our site. Instead of shrinking into her own suffering after such a traumatic incident, her response to embracing the world with kindness has been heart-warming.      

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  • Micky O'Toole wrote ...

    That takes remarkable courage not to shrink back into suffering after such a devastating loss. Thank you for sharing this story. I will look for Painiacs on KindSpring. ♥.