Radha's Reflections On Krishnamurti

Posted by Harpreet Sandhu on Sep 9, 2016
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[In the circle, I had mentioned how I was moved by Radha's share -- and that she should write more.  To help her get started, :) below is a transcription of her share.]

When I first read this week's passage by Krishnamurti, my initial reaction was rebellion. What is he saying? Why shouldn't inner motivation be expressed in outer manifestations?

Then, as I thought more and more about it, mostly from a point of view of a spiritual quest, I felt he was really cautioning us to watch what our true motivations are as we go through our spiritual quest. I feel like he is almost telling us, "Look there is a trap, be careful." A trap of vanity of holiness, vanity of goodness being good, vanity of being on a spiritual path. J. Krishnamurti, as typically does for me, very methodically takes away all the supports that you have built for yourself along the path. Then I'm left feeling, "Now what?"

I feel like it has to be put in some context, though. That, yes, these spiritual practices perhaps don't lead to the ultimate spiritual reality, but they take away some of the obstacles on the way. For example, he says that detachment and attachment can both be hindrances. But developing a sense of detachment can enable us to be still that what-is arises without you even desiring it.

I remember a small metaphor by an Indian sage, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. He says, "If there is a thorn in your foot, you use another thorn to remove it, but in the end you throw away both." We can use these structures, I think, to get to a point, but there comes a point where you let go of everything.

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Comments (2)

  • Radha Ivaturi wrote ...

    Oh Harpreet! Thank you for your kind words.
    I certainly will write... when " I AM, what IS" :-)

  • Harpreet wrote ...

    To give credit where credit is due.... this posting is mostly through the kind work of Anuj and Nipun ... :-)..

    I was very moved by Radha’s eloquent deconstruction of the night’s passage, and the clarity with which she was able to so clearly describe her thoughts. I wish I had such powers.

    I truly do feel that Radha has a great talent for teaching / writing and has a lot to share, by putting her understanding of life, love, spirituality and and pursuit of happiness down on paper.

    She is such a beautiful and gentle soul. Every time I see here, I just want to hug her ask her for her blessings.... :-)

    Thank you Radha (and Anuj and Nipun)!!