A Gift From Our Summer Interns

Posted by Nipun Mehta on Aug 4, 2016
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As a part of our 10-week summer internship, we had two bright lights join us this summer -- 15 year old Jacob and 14 year old Saheli.

Every week, they would select one value, have readings and videos, reflection questions, personal practices, and local volunteer projects. It's like a Laddership Circle for youth. :) All along, they were mentored whole-heartedly by Amit, Audrey and Pranidhi with weekly 1-on-1 and group calls -- and infused with guest speakers from around the ecosystem like Zilong, Pavi and Vinit. Needless to say, it was a powerful summer for everyone involved.

While the mentors were prepping ways to thanks the interns, in the final call, our two interns preempted their surprise them with this stunning video ...

On the call, they each gave a "Ted Talk" on -- "If I had to choose one value to practice over the next 365 days, it would be ..." Saheli spoke sincerely about "honesty" and Jacob selected "selflessness" after citing his mom's example. Both their talks made their mentors tears up! It's the kind of call that fills your heart and gives you hope for humanity's future. :) And Saheli opened with a statement that Jacob also echoed, "Being part of this internship, truly, I can say that it changed my life."

Gratitude to the mentors for planting so many beautiful seeds!

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    Wow! Inspiring