Personality Development Possible With 21 Day Challenges

Posted by Madhur Khanna on Mar 29, 2016
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My mother's family believed in sacrifice of materialistic needs for dignity, which was more important. Whether it was a food item, a book, a trip or some success etc. we were expected to remain disciplined, take what we get as our honest due and put value-oriented efforts towards what we want for future. Such environment, people and practices help one to develop a strong personality. Sadly, these have generally gone missing nowadays. Present society defines success with winning and having more stuff. Our upbringing creates human beings, who can easily give-in for small pleasures and gains.

The '21 day Challenges' on 'Kindspring', are one good medium to practice thought/habit patterns that help in learning better ways. I have attended few challenges seriously, like 'Simplicity', 'Gratitude' and they were able to make a difference. I do make my own practices around denial or discipline, as required for re-gaining the inner strength, I possessed as a child.  

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  • Madhur Khanna wrote ...

    Yesterday's Awakin reading made me realise that forced control on others/self can be an oppression. It may not always be right. Wise judgement may be required for the practice.