Designing For Generosity -- In London!
--Shamash Alidina
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Mar 24, 2016

I'm currently priviledged to be on the Laddership Circle program. Laddership Circles are really transforming the way we do our work.  

You might enjoy the footer on about us page of with Museum of Happiness.  Thank you to Nipun, Audrey and the whole Laddership team to allow me to be on the program!

My learnings have impacted my personal transformations too, as I describe in this Kindspring post. I'm quite shy to share it, but since others have insisted and as I've been personally inspired by stories of kindness, I think it's my little duty to pass it on!

Just posted this on Twitter, a mindmap I created yesterday in a cafe, based on Nipun's TED talk, Designing for Generosity:

I've watched that TED talk several times, but I find there's so much lovely information pack in such a video, it's hard to take it all in. When I draw a mind map, it helps me to see the big picture and share the ideas with others.

I'm going to make more mind maps of the other important talks too, and am happy to share them of course! :)

Last weekend, we brought the Karma Kitchen to Museum of Happiness. The lovely Trishna wrote about it here, with lots of fabulous photos as well.

We at the Museum of Happiness are also looking forward to breakout call on Friday as well. The prinicples of 100% volunteer, no fundraising and focus on small acts are awesome - but not without their challenges too. I look forward to the breakout call and am deeply honored that such a call has been set up. :-)))

To be 'The Service Space for Happiness' seems like a lovely thought that both I and my co-founder want to try and offer the world!

Lots of Love!!! <3

Posted by Shamash Alidina on Mar 24, 2016

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