Sow The Seeds And Trust: HeARTists In Action!

Posted by Meghna Reva on Mar 12, 2016
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I'm reminded of a blog that I read almost five years ago, that opened up doors of deep imagination and connection for me personally. What struck me most in it was this particular quote: "Sow the seeds and trust".

A few weeks ago, Khush and I were sharing about the journey of Moved By Love (MBL) and all the visible and invisible ripples that have germinated in the process. From Seva Cafe's to Smile Campaigns to spreading kindness in creative ways, we have witnessed a connection of hearts across the world. A big part of MBL are also the monthly retreats that continue to inspire each one in it and around it. From the volunteers to the participants, to the space, to the caretakers of the space. Each time a new group comes together, a new field of ripples just unravels out in space. Each one's cups of gratitude is constantly overflowing and wanting to contribute back or share it forward in their own ways.

In that space of gratitude, a bunch of heART-ists came together to co-create another experiment of generosity. A bunch of them decided to create hand made gifts that were to be tagged to all the participants that came at the retreats. What started as an experiment in simple tagging, turned into a huge journey of ripples. Each artist experienced their own aha-moments while they created gifts for friends they had never met -- and decided to offer their 'original art' anonymously as a gift.

Here's a little snapshot of the gifts and love received and shared in the retreat ...

“Before we began I told my daughter we are making gifts to share with our unknown friends; and everyone will be so amazed to see her quilling work. She replied with a calm tone ‘No expectations, Mama - be equanimous!’. After about half an hour she said ‘Mama this is the best day in my entire life! I am sitting in the balcony, getting fresh air, sitting with my mama and doing what I love a lot - quilling!’ Thank you for receiving this gift of love as I understand the beauty of being present in the moment through my 8 year old daughter. ” - Your anonymous friend in service.

"Allow Breathe Curious is a coloring book of postcards, which combine the principles of mindfulness with unique illustrations designed for creative completion by the colorer. Each page of the book focuses on one alphabetized concept printed on a detachable postcard. This collaboration between a mother and daughter team extends to involve the colorer, the recipient, the postal service, and beyond! The illustrations were lovingly created by Ellie in the spirit of her belief that art is a powerful resource capable of addressing world problems. The words reflect Anne’s background in psychology and developing meditation practice. Their feline muse, Bean, is a former Indian street cat who enjoys destruction and lounging. To find out more about the Artworkworks philosophy, please visit"

“My prayer is for these sayings to remind you and others of a truth that has no beginning, no end — that always just is — and so remind you of a peace, happiness, and freedom you already possess that has no cause. :) Hand painted on pure khadi thread by an everyday hero who uses his craft as a form of sadhna.” - Your anonymous friend in service.

“Making these tag-cards have become a very interesting routine. It gives me that time & chance to connect with someone I haven’t met. We all go through the same things in life & by writing these notes which may bring hope, smiles & support someone's journey of life; fills me with hope & happiness as well.” -Your anonymous friend in service.

“When I started making these mandalas, I had not clue what I would make or how it would turn out. As I transitioned from one pattern to another, there were times when I was like ‘wow this looks amazing’ and at times I was like ‘Arrghhh - I have ruined it all’. So many moments when I wanted to start it all over again. But in the end it all looked complete and perfect. Guess life is just like that - with all its ups and downs and uncertanties. We will only know how beautiful our life has been when we reach the end of it and take a moment to look back while we still enjoy our moments in the journey now. ” --Your anonymous friend in service.

"These small wooden heart key rings were made by women at London's homeless shelters and hostels. These women face daily struggles of survival through lack of basic needs of food and shelter. Their stories are powerful. Homelessness can happen to anybody. Many women have been denied love from their mother or family. When we open our hearts to abundance, the gift of unconditional love will manifest and flow to others. It is in that gift of giving they are receiving love and being interconnected across 7000 miles across the planet. This gift is offered to you, handmade with love and a silent prayer of gratitude and inter connectedness." --Your anonymous friend in service

“In past two years I've received quite a few hand written/printed quotes, and notes from various friends from the community. I've put them up on my cupboard, stuck them on the walls and doors, and every time I see them it reminds me that I'm loved and held beautifully, blessings are always with me. They are of great help especially when I'm down and low. I just read the quotes and they regenerate my faith in the universe. The intention behind making these quote cards is to spread the same love that I have received and am receiving in abundance.” --Your anonymous friend in service.

“This little experience of making these gifts have shown me that it is not important to be perfect; but more important to be alive and enjoying every moment of it. Thank you for allowing me to be present and to understand the perfection even in the imperfection - in the rainbow of life.” --Your anonymous friend in service.

We would offer each with this addition: "This gift is offered as a labour of love by the artist to the community. Thank you, for spreading love and kindness in the world -- and as you let these gifts ripple out in your own way, do keep us posted with your stories."

As a witness to all the action unfolding from givers to receivers and the dances in-between, to witness this continuing journey unfold in a span of just 3 weeks was simply humbling and filled with grace. Thank you to all the gifters and receivers for keeping this chain of generosity alive and inspiring. Looking forward to more ripples and transformations inside and outside!

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Comments (4)

  • Khushmita Sanghvi wrote ...

    It's amazing to see you thread together these beautiful stories and labour of love gifts from all over the world and bring them to us Meghna! Love manifests in such incredible ways :):):)

  • Trishna Shah wrote ...

    Beautiful in so many ways :). Thanks Meghna and Khush for inviting others to make offerings in this way, what amazing ripples!

  • Deepak wrote ...

    Inspirational . Thank you for being who you are . God Bless .

  • Brinda Govindan wrote ...

    Beautiful share---thank you so much for reminding us of the power of ripples and the connectedness of all our hearts..... Big hugs.