Ashwin And Bharat Speak To India's Prime Minister

Posted by Madhur Khanna on Mar 10, 2016
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You might remember reading the story of Ashwin Kartik.  He was India's first quadriplegic to get a college degree, and an engineering job; but he got there because of his friend, Bharat, who was his scribe. As a scribe, of course, he couldn't take his own exams, so he decided to delay his schooling for a year. Bharat was socially castigated -- even his parents refused to talk to him and practically disowned him . When Ashwin got into an engineering school, Bharat stunned his community even further. He decided to delay his education for 4 years!), so he could continue to scribe for his buddy Ashwin! A truly remarkable story of friendship.

They've been in touch with some of us, and we've also invited them to our year-end "Moved by Love" retreat for the specially abled population.  This morning, we got a loving email from both of them, where he proudly shared his latest talk with folks like the Prime Minister of India in audience: 


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