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Posted by Guri Mehta on Mar 5, 2016
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Few updates from this month that recently went across some of the email aliases ...

Audrey spoke at Raj Ragunathan's business school class at UT Austin, on "Laddership to Leadership"; right after class, Raj fired off an email titled 'Awesome Audrey': "Just a quick note to let you know that Audrey just finished guest-lecturing in my classes and she was absolutely AWESOME. Thank you so much for recommending her to me ... she's definitely one of the kindest and sweetest persons ever."

In Dubai, Neha and Natasha hosted the 2nd Karma Kitchen Dubai.  Here's some smiley faces from the volunteers that day: 

Birju spoke to Anne Firth Murray's students at Stanford, who later wrote: "The students loved meeting you! In fact, I had lunch today with three of them, and we talked about your journey and your visit to the class, which the students enjoyed thoroughly. The students are always asking about what they can do, and I always say that we need to begin with ourselves. You provide a great role model. Thank you so much for your visit."

In London, we had the first Mindful Parenting Circle, while an hour away, Marc in Guernsey convinced the post office to send out localized Smile Cards to all 30 thousand households on the island!  In California, Ron also honored us on his company's website: Giva Salutes ServiceSpace  While virtually, two concurrent Laddership Circles started, with change-makers from around the globe.

At Penn States, Nipun spoke at a TEDxPSU -- on designing with multiple forms of capital.  We don't when the video will be released, the Wisdom Stockholm video was released.  There was also a short interview with young bloggers in India.

Trishna also shared this beautiful episode: "Following last month's Awakin Circle in Pimlico, one of the new attendees, who happens to be visually impaired, had asked if I or someone I knew could accompany her to check out a flat she was considering moving to, in order to be sure it was in a good state of repair, in a safe neighborhood, etc as she is relatively new to London and could use the help in assessing the situation. As I couldn't make it at the specific time she needed to go that week, my first instinct was to email the attendees from the previous night's gathering to see if anyone might be able to join her the following day. I was blown away by the love and spirit of service in this community and how many people responded within just a couple of hours to offer help, offer to find a friend to help as they were unable to, or even just writing to say they can't help this time but they wish they could and sending warm wishes :) I'm so grateful to know that such big-hearted people are an email away when a need arises -- it showed me the strength and beauty of a community that is built on generosity, love, compassion and stillness."

Onwards with the ripples! :)

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