Seva Cafe At Rural Town On A Different Cause

Posted by Tharanath G on Mar 1, 2016
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Seva Cafe, In Association with Sankara Eye Hospital and also Volunteers from Shidlagatta joined hands to organize a eye screening camp at Shidlagatta Taluk 60 kms away from Bangalore on 1st March 2016
It all happend with our quest to take Seva cafe to different places. While visiting a rural town blind care center, we met a teacher who expressed his concern for the kids of villages and their health.

As i was also in touch with Bangalore based eye hospital and aware of their services, i reached them and there it was new begining in Seva..

All your efforts results in a joy  when you find a 6 year old girl affected with Bad cataract. Her parents just decided to keep her locked within the corners of their room. A wonderful teacher brought her to the camp fighting with parents and also promised to get her to the Sankara Eye Hospital for a immediate surgery.

I also heard she carries a box of color chalks to help the kids who are color blind. She does it at her cost. What an Inspiring teacher she was. Don't you agree with me.
We could screen more than 300 kids by afternoon and were able to identify 15 plus kids who needed further investigation and treatment.
Best part of the say was when the Teachers from the school served us a potluck feast cooked in their houses.. We would not have got that tasty food even with a fat wallet...

This event extends by another two days in the same place and all the nearby govt school kids get a chance to get their eyes checked...and of-course to the logical conclusion of getting cured.. including spectacles and surgery..Of Course all free of cost to the patient.

Of course with me were Mr Sunil and Radha..Our Senior most volunteers and there was some meaning full discussion that came out through the drive to the destination.. Some more challenges and some more Seva...

As i always believe and say.. Seva always wins

Some pics from the event

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