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Posted by Micky O'Toole on Feb 16, 2016
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My cup is overflowing. I just got off the Laddership call, a weaving the first three Laddership groups hosted by Nicole and Zilong. It was so good to reconnect. I'm writing because this is where we share stories! {{{Birju}}} These are stories we need.

I had a beautiful tapestry of events today. I listened to Mike Dooley's Awakin Call finally and then did some reading about Gift Economy. My question to Zilong was, "I published a book. I am gifting 50 percent -- my 50 percent. The other 50 percent is going to my husband, my patron of the arts. But with that half we're paying for bills and debt, so should I say 100 percent?"

Love Not Fear
As everyone shared thoughts and experiences with this I realized that I asked that question out of FEAR. It was like --

"If I only give 50 percent, then I'm not a true Gift Economist. I'm only half a gift economist."

But this is wrong-headed I realized and it was such a JOY to know that first of all I am giving from nothing but LOVE and absolute joy for this project. And so it is 100 percent from my best part -- the best part of me. So that's great. I just wanted to share that. I also want to share the PDF of my book for everyone on Service Space.

I sent this out to my email list today. 

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡
Here’s some news about our light-filled ¤ Gems ¤

First Gallery Show Feb 29th
The first quarterly "Gems Gallery Show" will be released on Under 1000 Skies on February 29th. It will feature all the artists who have contributed since we began last fall. From now on, I'll try to do this every three or four months.

Direct Donations Available Soon
As some have requested, there will be a way to contribute directly to the work of Gems/Under 1000 Skies/Volunteer Biographers. (Ultimately I'm going to have to shorten that name!) =)

My Gift Economy -- 100 Percent Love
In the meantime, Elanthian Love Songs - A Bard's Tale was published in eBook form on February 14th on Amazon For a short time, it's available for Free on Kindle.

"Elanthian Love Songs is a collection of story and love poems written during a bard's journey in Elanthia in the years 5097 to 5102."

Fifty percent of the profits from the sale of Elanthian Love Songs will go to the purchase of materials for the "Light-Filled Gems" and Volunteer Biographers project -- connecting artists and photographers who are currently between homes with the world and each other.

Volunteer/Artist Packets
If you would like to to be a volunteer in your area, please let me know. Each volunteer packet contains enough materials for three artists. Winter packets include three pairs of gloves, three scarves, three disposable cameras, three artist/photographer notebooks and three self-addressed stamped envelopes. Summer packets will contain three pairs of sunglasses, three baseball caps, three cameras, three artist notebooks and three self-addressed stamped envelopes. If you have any ideas for the packets please let me know!

Volunteer Forum
On February 29th Under 1000 Skies will launch a Volunteer Forum as well for connection and in case anyone has questions.

For more information about the "Light-Filled Gems" project, visit, Under 1000 Skies https://under1000skies.wordpress.com/ and Volunteer Biographers http://jazztizz.pledgepage.org/

Email List
Our next series of Light-Filled Gems will be launched in March after the Gallery show. In the meantime, if you know anyone who would like to receive the Gems emails, please feel free to forward this letter.

My Gift to You
And here's the link with the book's 1st Edition PDF (there will be more editions because I found mistakes. =)

Here's the Google Share link to the PDF, my gift to you.  <3
Elanthian Love Songs - A Bard's Tale by Sara Michele O'Sullivan

I hope you love it! =) But now that it's born into the world, I'm letting go you know?  Because another cool thing is hearing Mike say on the Awakin call was,

I'm Just Pitching Seeds from Left Field
"It's up to the Universe to hit the home run. Just throw the ball." =) So here's my ball. It only took 20 years to get the courage to do this but I already have a short-story collection done (1st of 3) to come out in May.  So like Nimo's song, "I'm planting seeds."  I have Spring fever so I kind of like the idea pitching seeds from left field heh. =)

<3 Thank you Ladders! <3
Thank you Nicole and Zilong for the call. Thank you for everyone on the call and all the beautiful stories. Wow -- I'm so on fire again. This connection is so crucial -- this voice-face connection as well as our feed.

<3 Thank you Service Space! <3
I am so deeply grateful for this space and every connection here.

With love and joy,

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Comments (6)

  • Becky Jaine wrote ...

    it was great to see your radiant smiling face, dear Micky and to hear your powerful questions and sharings. Thank you for all the beauty you create and for living and giving with such an open, loving and generous heart. I loved when you called your hubby a patron of the arts... I'm going to award my hubby that same honor! And thank you for sharing your Ah-has!

    Do you need hats and scarves for your project?

  • Zilong wrote ...

    I am receiving from you 100%, ultra-pure love, all organic, home-grown, GMO-free! :) Thank you!

  • Guri Mehta wrote ...

    Dearest Micky, I don't believe there's such a thing as a "half a gift-economist." :-) Whatever you give from the heart to others, that is not self-serving, allows you to partake in the flow of that gift. Only you know what that is in your heart. Our rational mind wants to put a number on it but in gifts, there are no percentages. (imho) Love, Guri

  • Micky O'Toole wrote ...

    Becky to answer your question thank you for asking. I will have a site up with a list of needs like the glove and all along with a volunteer forum as soon as I can with a donation list and PayPal donation button. I am so grateful for our connections. Zilong thank you! I love it! =) =) =) Guri thank you so much for your loving comment. *hugs* Yes and also since it is 100 percent of my share -- I feel better! (Take that rational mind). ^_^

  • Jayakumar Krishnapillai wrote ...

    Whatever she give from the heart to others, that is not self-serving, Great Love,j oining with Guri and all...

  • Micky wrote ...

    Jayakumar thank you! <3 *hugs* and love and many smiles, Micky