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Posted by Abhishek Thakore on Feb 16, 2016
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Today, I was the recipient of an unusual form of love and generosity. The traffic police towed my car (for the first time ever). I went to have it released. I was asking the traffic police about why they don't switch to clamps instead of towing etc. He told me the fine was Rs.300 - the typical charges for something like this. He handed me the receipt - I saw that it was 100 rupees less than the fine amount (that he had quoted). I was already prepared to demand a full receipt. But he returned the 100 rupees to me. I looked puzzled. He said, 'I wont put a fine on you - just the towing charges'. I asked him - Why not? To which he said - just that when someone talks like this, with humanity, we can use our discretion. On one end, the discretion gets used for getting bribed. But here, the cop was using discretion on the other side. He was using it to make concessions. And this was not because of any influence or position but just honouring a human to human connection! It is interesting that while bribing is possible in India. making such exceptions is also much easier here!

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