Video Of Nipun's Talk In Stockholm

Posted by Alfred Tolle on Feb 9, 2016
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With rapidly mounting challenges in the social, financial and government sector, there is presently no flexible yet over-arching platform to host dialogues, transformation and change-initiative embracing a holistic perspective. The development of a practical “secular ethics” appropriate for both individuals and institutions, with room for diverse spirituality without religious division and strife, is highly relevant at this time. That is why we are developing a 'Wisdom Together' network together with partners and friends who share the same vision, offering agile platforms in form of conferences and labs, responding to the desire for personal transformation that brings our wisdom together for practical initiatives and change.

Last October's Wisdom Stockholm was our launch.  We opened the conference with Julia's talk on happiness in Bhutan, followed by Lorenzo's challenges to GDP, and then after a light-hearted talk by Stefan, we closed the morning session powerfully with this talk that highlights so much of your remarkable work:


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  • Nilam Chauhan wrote ...

    Thank you dear Alfred for making us part of the Wisdome Together :)