A Ladder For Kindness In Schools

Posted by Becky Jaine on Feb 2, 2016
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Dear Kindness Warriors,
(ETA: specific questions)
I was incredibly blessed to be part of the October Laddership Circle. The time and energy dedicated and gifted by the Laddership Spaceholders and Fellows generated a special and sacred experience for each of us. Personally, it led me to more deeply consider how to use my life and energy in deeper authenticity and purpose.

And Laddership blessings continue...

Since our Circle closing in mid November, I've taken time to be "a leaf upon the breath of God" instead of being my usual "a leaf blower". This time has been quiet--well as quiet as being a mother of 3 kiddos (my teachers) can be--and reflective, recounting and reconciling the past five years of my journey and commitment to living on purpose, in service to my community here in Raleigh, North Carolina.

I grapple intensely between creating/willing my path and promoting my ideas and activities forward, versus being an open space to let things and paths find and use me. I have to trust that to be human, there can be love and wisdom at the heart of either and both. ;)

As I dance with yin and yang, between the past and future, I open to this precious moment. I contemplate how best to honor my leaf-blowing-personality while being of greatest service to joy, creativity, kindness and love. It is time for me to engage and support MORE children in my community, with greater regularity, and find courage to co-create a vision for kindness.

The vision in the coming months is to create and activate a sustainable artist-in-residence type of program honoring children's creativity, joy and self expression, with kindness at the heart of our mission--doing work for my community, while nurturing another seeded vision beyond my own community. (By sustainable, I mean to generate all currencies necessary--from financial and human-- to keep it going, serving as many schools and children as possible.)

I have some experience with community building and programming, one example the Creative GIRL a program celebrating middle-school girls several times a year through creativity playshops, self expressive arts, talking circles and intentional kindness acts.

I am sharing my intentions with our community here, as I would be so grateful to connect with friends--new and old-- who may be able to support/advise on approach to creating a week-long-program for elementary and middle school students.

At this stage--specifically--I wonder:
1. How to engage members of my community to collaborate with me and support this campaign and work together in schools?
2. How can we best support teachers and admin at schools?
3. Can this create volunteerism in my community?
4. Where to find physical resources (i.e. art supplies) at no-to-minimal cost, to work with the children?
5. Can this outreach gift/generate a modest living wage to support basic financial needs of the spaceholders (aka Kindness Warriors)?
6. Once a program has been "performed" with the students, how can this become an ongoing community providing support and additional ideas to teachers/students and families?
7. How can we bring elements of upcycling and re-invention to the curriculum.
8. How/can this "curriculum" be designed to be shared with Service Space, so it can go well beyond my immediate community?
And so many more questions to follow ;)

If these questions or ideas spark at you to become involved by sharing your experience, success, awareness, tools of what may be needed in schools I would be so grateful to connect with you either by email, telephone or Skype, and learn and grow and share.

Thank you--from the bottom of my heart--for reading and holding this intention in your awareness.

Thank you for co-creating this beautiful and inspiring Service Space, a divine orchestration of grace, love and kindness--using technology in service of humanity and mama earth.

Thank you for being.

in love and kindness, i wish you blessings.

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