Seva Cafe At Ramana Maharishi Academy For Blind

Posted by Tharanath G on Jan 28, 2016
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In Bangalore, Seva Cafe (Indian Version of Karma Kitchen) happens slightly differently than in most places. We will identify and visit places like old age homes, orphanages, Hospice, Leprosy Centers...List is too big as our criteria is a place where we can add a little more love.
once place is identified what happens next is only nothing but magic. As usual volunteers get together and the magic happens..

This time too we were at Ramana Maharishi Academy for blind. We were expected to cook for 150 Blind kids and Staff plus 30 Volunteers.

The Menu was Indian fried rice, Veg Ball Manchurian, Dhalia Halva. The menu was opted by the kids and trust me its a most complicated menu to cook in big quantity.

As usual amidst the tensions and pressure, with blessing of pure magic of seva we finish cooking in time and start serving..

Food was liked by all of them and Veg ball Manchurian was a big hit. We had ration Veg Balls to the volunteers.

During reflection session, Srikanth - Head Chef at the center says,

" We are used to people coming here with the cooked food they like and serve, Nobody ever asked us what we like, what kids may like. But you peoples asked us what the kids like and cooked the food right here. I am thankful to you all for doing this seva. We all had a wonderful time with you all"

He also says..Its so beautiful to see so many peoples to coming together to Cook and the too with a big smile. food turns out to be amazing as if like cooked by some professionals.

Bibek (a Volunteer) while sharing says...I am here for selfish reasons. I come here because it makes me happy. He also wished if Seva Can go a step further.

Nidhi, Mandeep, Reena, Deepshika, Akshi (V) all say, we come here because we have no choice and we love coming and we will keep coming..

Alok (V) Speaks of a language i hardly understand... guess it is some thing to do with Economics and Return of Investment..and he says both ways, Seva Cafe is more profitable so i choose to come. also I can learn cooking some new item every time and master..

The above few examples picked from many expressed in the Sharing session...There was more beautiful sharing from the first timers who appreciated and committed to return to seva..

This is what we do at Seva Cafe, We share smiles.. through food. When so many volunteers join together with such a divine thoughts, result cant be otherwise.

I remember a volunteer sharing some back during reflections

"I was going through some difficult time in personal life and i wanted a break from thoughts and Coming to seva Cafe has healed me. Now i want to go back and look at my life in a different and positive perspective."

This is not just him. Many of us feel the same. Seva is healing. it has this amazing effect of creating this positive vibes around you. It creates smiles, You will find only friends and you will be in big smiles.. We have Experienced healing time and again in Seva Cafe.

[Photos here.]

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    Thanks for sharing - so nice to hear about the impact on the volunteers. :)

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