I Am Not My Emotions!

Posted by Deven P-Shah on Jan 13, 2016
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Our Awakin Call speaker, Pierre Pradervand, shared with us a number of nuggets on blessing - how to bless others, how to hold space inside where I am able to bless others.

During circle of sharing, I asked him, "How do I bless someone when I am angry or frustrated by the situation or person?"

His reply connected me yet again, to self-awareness... "You are not your emotions. Emotions are separate from you. You are that divine love that all of us are - deep down inside. When you feel overwhelmed by emotions, put yourself in the mode of an observer. Simply observe your own emotions. That will help open up your heart."

Reflection, meditation to get in touch with my inner realm ... I see it coming up over and over again.

One more reminder as to how to handle trying moments, "Be an observer of my emotions instead of identifying myself with that. This detachment will help."

How touching seed! Resonance to it from inside nurtured it a little bit for me.

Hope it germinates further, helping me with more equanimity. In the meantime, I will try it next time in a rainy moment.

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