Startup Retreat- Servicespace Value-add Vs. A ...

Posted by Madhur Khanna on Dec 25, 2015
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Startup retreat- Servicespace value-add vs. a business event

Last week Dec 18-20, we had a start-up retreat with 'Moved by Love' team at Ahmedabad  where I was one of the volunteers. Earlier, during this year, I have also been a volunteer/audience with business and social enterprise start-up events of premium class, in Bangalore. When I compare these, our event seems so different, in-fact outstanding in following 2 aspects:

1. No one changed their business plan in the commercial/ social enterprise events. The participants competed and tried to gain value, win funds etc. However in our startup retreat priceless inner transformations contributed to change in many business plans, mode of operations etc. The idea became a gift of compassion and value to others and self. These shifts are an amazing achievement to cherish!!

2. There was networking at the premium events to get business purposes click for future. However, at our MBL start-up retreat, the connections became deep and trusting. People worked hard on each others ideas, to nurture the projects, which can bring greater good to society. Much gratefulness and love has been overflowing in mails by the participants after the event, which is beautiful.

I am still mesmerizing the experience and feel so happy for the work blooming though these start-up projects cushioned in stories of kindness, ties of friendship, generated during the event.      

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